Sandy Brechin Trio


Sandy Brechin is one of Scotland’s best known accordion players. Sandy has been touring all over the world for many years and he has been recorded on over a hundred albums on various labels. Sandy is a respected teacher of accordion, having held the position of accordion tutor at The National Centre for Excellence in Traditional Music in Plockton for many years.

Jimmy Johannsson is a diverse fiddler and a composer. He has been composing both Swedish and Scottish folk music for almost 20 years. He has been touring in Scandinavia over the last 15 years in different folk bands with roots in both Scottish and Swedish folk music.

Christopher A Bång is a well-known Swedish folk musician. For many years he has been playing music from Balkan, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Russia – he is a world music traveller.

At a concert with the Sandy Brechin Trio you get invited to a world of smashing Scottish reels and jigs with a touch of the intricately Swedish polska. This is dynamic folk music at its best.


If you want to hear what an accordion can do in the right hands, put it in the right and left hands of Sandy Brechin.” – The Living Tradition

An accordionist with attitude as well as loads of talent.”  – fRoots

Brechin is an amazing accordion player.” – Dirty Linen

Love your music. You are the reason why I still play accordion” – Nic Smith, Facebook