Polecats and Dead Cats

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Released March 2019 | Format: CD | ref: CDBAR037
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Introducing the debut album from the Sandy Brechin Trio. In the autumn of 2014, Jimmy met Sandy in Edinburgh during one of his trips to Scotland, and the idea of Sandy, Jimmy and Christopher doing some concerts together arose, combining the Swedish way of playing harmonies with the Scottish tunes. This recording is the result of that, a mixture of Scottish and Swedish music, traditional and contemporary.



  1. Tartan Punch 4:37
  2. The Ruff, the Pike and the Bastard 5:16
  3. The Bassplayer’s Set 4:23
  4. The Harmless Set 5:02
  5. Bleeding Gums and Penguins 3:59
  6. Lyme Disease and Hair Loss 3:51
  7. Mr and Mrs Linklater’s Fumbling, Jumbling Polecats 3:16
  8. The Twiddler 2:47
  9. Metamorphosis 4:50
  10. The Set of Pain 4:32
  11. Things with Strings 4:12
  12. Horrible Creatures and One Dead Cat 5:55