Andrew Mill Contemporary Scottish Folk Singer Songwriter from Edinburgh


Since the release of Drainpipe Dreams in 2011, Andrew Mill has been on the road constantly, twice touring the southern states of the US, four times round northern Europe, and all over the UK.

Living in his estate car he is ready to go anywhere, anytime, to share his romantic and sentimental songs of love, adventure and murder.  Andrew is working on his second album, due for release in 2014, a collaboration  with his 5-piece band, The 5am Rumble Strip, and the inspirational Nairnshire troubadour, Donald Ker.

These are songs of cursing the sun through teary eyes as it rises on a secret romance, pigeons falling in love with lawnmowers, and ex-girlfriends killing cats with hammers.


Brutal and beautiful

Dark but tender, tragic but funny, these songs go to the very edges of human emotion.

I cried my eyes out at Cathy, I could feel my heart being twisted and torn… then I almost needed organ surgery after laughing at the Pigeon and the Lawnmower.

A revitalising slap to the face of the Scottish songwriting scene, Andrew’s album is raw, deeply personal, innovative and alive, steeped in romance, then fried with chilli.