Sandy Brechin & Ewan Wilkinson

Sandy Brechin and Ewan Wilkinson

Sandy and Ewan have been playing together for more than ten years. They regularly tour Scotland, England and Wales, appearing at folk clubs and several folk festivals throughout the year, as well as their annual spots at the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. They have toured Australia three times, and also played in Bahrain and Sweden.

Ewan and Sandy play a mixture of Scottish, Irish and English traditional songs and tunes, together with contemporary folk songs and original compositions. Many of the contemporary folk songs are written by Ewan himself.

Ewan’s debut album Lost in the Day, a collection of songs featuring Sandy on accordion and backing vocals, was released in 2009. Ewan and Sandy’s album Hard Times Come and Go, released in 2015, is a mix of songs and tune sets, including three new songs by Ewan – along with blazing tune sets led by Sandy, accompanied by Ewan on guitar and various guest musician friends on other instruments.

Ewan’s powerful baritone voice and unique guitar technique combine with Sandy’s unbelievably fast and adept accordion playing to make an exceptional album.

Sandy and Ewan have also released a Christmas single, It Never Snows.


Brilliant night – musically,  one of the best nights we’ve ever had.” – Shammick Acoustic Folk Club, North Devon

Wilkinson’s guitar-playing and singing are particularly emotive.  Both his finger-picking and rhythm playing match Brechin’s ferocious display. During the ballads, his sensitive baritone, which is characterised by melodic folk inflections, intones the story of each piece. His own compositions are enchanting” – Broadway Baby