A Shirt of Silk or Snow

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Released 2010 | Format: CD | ref: FECD230
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The traditional Scots singer, cello player and composer is joined by other superb musicians including Stevie Lawrence (bouzouki, guitar, whistle, percussion), James Ross (piano), Pete Clark (fiddle, viola), Bruce Adams (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Linda Adams (guitar, banjo).



  1. Helen O’ Kirkconnel 3:26
  2. The Riccarton Tollman’s Daughter 3:48
  3. Willie Wastle 1:39
  4. Stratus 3:12
  5. The Gardener 3:44
  6. The Bonny Hind 6:38
  7. Paldy Parish/Alick’s Reel/Jim Trease’s 3:35
  8. Sir Patrick Spens 3:58
  9. Alison Gross 3:54
  10. The Wars O’ Germanie 3:40
  11. John Hielandman 3:06
  12. Yet Shall You Live 2:54
  13. Tam’s Swagger/Time Or Tide/Witches’ Dance 3:57
  14. I’ll Lay Me On The Wint’ry Lea 2:28


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