Sandy Brechin & Coomara


The group “Coomara” (the Scottish Singer, Joanna Scott Douglas, multi-instrumentalist, Jens Mencl, violin virtuoso, Esmeralda and percussionist Gert Woyczechowski) perform acoustic traditional and contemporary Folk and World Music. Each member has contributed their own composed songs or instrumental pieces to the Coomara repertoire and they have also jointly written and arranged a number of pieces together. This, along with the band’s arrangements of traditional Scottish and Irish Folk pieces, gives their performance a distinctive personal touch of musical versatility and style. Four people, four voices and a whole variety of instruments including guitar, mandolin, mandola, and bass played by Jens Mencl; violin played by the incredible Esmeralda; two bodhráns, cajon, congas, and all the wonderful sounds that Gert has in his percussion box.

Coomara’s performance is vibrant, charming and humorous.

The band Coomara have performed on numerous occasions since 2012 with master Accordion player, Sandy Brechin from Scotland.

When Coomara & Sandy Brechin perform together a completely new band sound with a Scottish contemporary folk style is created.

Coomara’s “Plaid Again” CD which features Sandy Brechin on Accordion is available to buy from the Brechin All Record shop.