Seelyhoo – Leetera

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Released 1998 | Format: CD | ref: CDTRAX 160 |
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Led by ex-Wrigley Sisters fiddler Jennifer Wrigley, accordionist Sandy Brechin, and vocalist Fiona MacKenzie, Edinburgh-based folk band Seelyhoo brings a fresh vitality to the traditional music of Scotland. Taking their name from an old Scots word for the membrane sometimes covering a new born baby’s head, Seelyhoo serve up an exciting mix of strathspeys, jigs, slow airs, and songs in the Gaelic language.

Leetera album by Seelyhoo was released Jan 01, 2002 on the Greentrax Recordings label. Fiona Mackenzie (vocals, whistling, background vocals); Hazel Wrigley (guitar, mandolin, piano, Fender Rhodes piano); Jennifer Wrigley (fiddle); Sandy Brechin (accordion); Jim Walker (drums, percussion).



  1. Na Spioradan Briste (The Broken Spirits) /Grace Brechin
  2. Hoy High/Hoy Low
  3. Bidh Clann Ulaidh (The Ulster Men)
  4. Marquis of Huntley’s Farewell/Ashley’s Strathspey/Kathryn Brechin
  5. Cait Na Dh’fhag Thu’n Fhichead Gini?/Fornethy House
  6. Ghiulain Sinn (We Have Breathed)
  7. Torpedo Supper/Billy & Mackay/The Brides Cog
  8. Dheanainn Sugradh Ris an Nighinn Duibh/Haggis Fondue
  9. Tor Breac
  10. Tir Na N’og
  11. Cheese Peace/The Slip’in
  12. Restoration Day
  13. Aj’s/The Nippy Sweet/The Custard Pie Gang
  14. Bha Dathan A’ Danns/The Red Tin Roof