Ronan Martin

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Released 2008 | Format: CD | ref: WILDCD 101 | Wildcat Records, Isle of Skye, Scotland • Usually ships within 1-2 days


a classic album
big tunes boldly played
a wonderful treasure trove of Highland music

Ronan Martin from Skye accompanied by Jonny Hardie on guitar.

This album was created during four special days at Jonny’s family home in Strathdon where we played ‘live’. The aim was to capture the energy of the Highland fiddle and the atmosphere of our historic surroundings. This approach to traditional music has resulted in a fresh and dynamic recording.



  1. Jigs – The Hens March/ Model T Jig/ Isabelle Blackley 4:03
  2. Strathspeys/Reels – Jessie Smith/ Bogan Lochan/ Miss Brady/ Sandy Cameron 3:38
  3. Air – The New House in St Peter’s 3:55
  4. 6/8 Marches – Jeanie Mauchlin/ Bonawe Highlanders 4:20
  5. 2/4 Marches – The Taking of Beaumont Hame/ The Sprig of Ivy 3:45
  6. Strathspey/Reels – Cha tòir Iain Mòr an nighean dhomh/ The Nine Pint Coggie 4:04
  7. Jigs – Amadan Gorach Saighdear/ Kenny MacDonald’s/ Braes of Mellinish 4:52
  8. Air – Nuair a chì thu caileag bhòidheach 3:06
  9. Reels – Put Me in the Big Chest/ McKenna’s/ O’er Bogie/ Iggie and Squiggie 5:12
  10. March/Strathspeys/Reels – Old Faithful/ The Laddie with the Pladdie/ A’mhisg a chuir an Nollaig oirnn/Munlochy Bridge/Lady Campbell/Sandy McIntyre’s Trip to Boston/Charlie Hardie 9:20
  11. Jig – The Humours of Cork 3:20
  12. Reels – Keep it up!/ Cockerel in the Creel/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran 5:51