Voices in Scotland – Folktales, Music & Ballads

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Released 2011 | Format: 2 CDs | ref: CDBAR014 | Usually ships within 1-2 days


The first ever collection of stories from around the world with music, told by storytellers from Scotland, England, Ireland, Japan, Africa, America and Canada, all of whom live in Scotland. The music is provided by some of Scotland’s finest & best-known musicians, who play a host of traditional instruments, both familiar and more unusual.

Storytellers and musicians: Stanley Robertson, Mairi Campbell, Mara Menzies, Michael Williams, Mio Shapley, Claire McNicol, Marion Kenny, Lawrence Tulloch, Chuck Warren, Jamie Kenny, Joel Sanderson, Andy Cooke, Stuart Dinwoodie, Dougie Hudson, Pete Vilk, Jean-David Cailloet, Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, Donald Hay, Mary Macmaster, Leo McCann, Kim HoIp, Sarah McFadyen, Sandy Wright, Eddie McGuire.



CD 1

  1. Prelude 1:16
  2. The Angel of Death 10:58
  3. The Baobab Tree 18:01
  4. The Piper and the Maker 5:53
  5. The Curious Girl 23:49
  6. Silver Dust Gold Dust 10:50

CD 2

  1. Finn and the Hero’s Children 23:36
  2. O Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? 4:51
  3. Black Hair 23:29
  4. Mees Kees 11:42
  5. Nanabush and the Butterflies 9:28