MacGregor, Brechin & Ó hEadhra – Sonas

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‘Sonas,’ the Gaelic word for ‘happiness’, is what this album’s all about – a blend of beautiful Gaelic songs and cracking tune sets from the leaders of Blazin’ Fiddles, Bùrach, and Anam in this powerful new line-up.

Musicians: Bruce MacGregor – fiddle; Sandy Brechin – piano accordion; Brian Ó hEadhra – acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica



  1. Chorus Jig/The Droving Lads/The Prince’s Welcome to Inverness 3:58
  2. Òganaich Mo Chrìdhe 4:19
  3. John Roy Stuart/O Tha ‘n Tombaca Daor/Captain Donald Stewart 3:30
  4. Tàladh Na Beinne Guirme 6:11
  5. Goat Island Reel/Zito the Bubbleman/ 4th floor 3:50
  6. Waltz in Time/Sir Henri Laphroaig Dinoir of Cluthiebootle 3:23
  7. Mo Chaileag Bhon Eilean 2:59
  8. Sometimes it Doesn’t Work/Skye BBQ/Farquhar’s Rocking Chair 3:42
  9. Jewel of the Ocean/Montgomery Bell Waltz 2:47
  10. An-raoir Bha Mi Coiseachd 2:57
  11. Source of the Spey/Banks of the Spey/Neil Gow’s Style/Hag at the Churn 3:54
  12. Sitting on the Stern of a Boat 3:38
  13. A Chailin Àlainn 3:45


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