Me and Mary Ann

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Released 2010 | Format: CD | Usually ships within 1-2 days


Endearing, and at times haunting songs… yearning and enchanting…a thoroughly captivating album

Bob McNeill is a Scottish-born singer/songwriter and composer, who is now resident in Wellington, New Zealand.  Me and Mary Ann features brand new recordings of some of Bob’s best known and best loved songs, together with new songs written in 2009. Recorded in Nashville, the album features some of the music capital’s top session musicians as well as guest appearances by some of the musicians in New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland that McNeill has worked with over the last ten years. Me and Mary Ann was produced by Rob Winch.



  1. Signs of Trouble
  2. Spitfire
  3. Me and Mary Ann
  4. Norway yawl
  5. Strong winds for autumn
  6. Nazareth
  7. Southland man’s lament
  8. Last time I saw him
  9. Iron in the blood
  10. Shine