Old Clichés

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Released 2015 | Format: CD | ref: CDBAR022
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Sophia Magallanes is one of seven daughters in a Mexican-American family based in Los Angeles, California. She loves singing, especially with her sisters. She lived in Edinburgh, Scotland for four years when she was earning her doctoral degree from the New College, University of Edinburgh. Scotland has been a place where she felt that she could express herself more freely through music. A mix of folk, jazz, country and gospel arrangements of Sophia’s own compositions.

Guest Musicians: Alan MacKenzie – acoustic guitar; Aly Macrae – fiddle; Chris Agnew – bass guitar; Lewis D. Vanlue – clawhammer banjo, autoharp; Sandy Brechin – piano, glockenspiel; Steve Kettley – saxophone, flute; Richie Werner – drums; Wendy Weatherby – cello.



  1. All the Pretty Little Horses 3:02
  2. Old Clichés (The Road Walked Before) 2:54
  3. Shadows (Who Will See Her Through?) 2:16
  4. Here Isn’t Here Without You 4.44
  5. Bear (Too Much/Too Little) 4:26
  6. Inexplicable 3.35
  7. Expectations 4:11
  8. Wisdom’s Theme 3:01
  9. Why Pretend? 4:52
  10. Daughter of Zion 4:54