Davie Anderson – Ballantrae Bound

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Ballantrae Bound, the eagerly awaited new album from Davie Anderson, is a great collection of tunes and songs, including several from the pen of Robert Burns, one from Ewan McColl, Jim McLean’s “Stirling Brig” and many of Davie’s own compositions.


  1. The Sutors O’ Maybole/The Shoemakers’ Jig 2:12
  2. Song Composed in August 4:05
  3. Shoals of Herring 3:00
  4. The Learig 3:04
  5. Heilan Harry 3:46
  6. Ever in you 3.17
  7. The Birks O’ Aberfeldy 3:01
  8. Fiona Mary 3:40
  9. Hurts Too Much 3.29
  10. Sailor’s Shirt/Duncan Grey/Spindrift 3:25
  11. Follow the Rain 5:07
  12. Stirling Brig 2:29
  13. Bruce Robert Burton 4:22
  14. Ballantrae Bound 4:52
  15. The Dunes of Dunkirk/Hearts 5:05

Music – A Way of life – Davie Anderson

Music was always in the family home and the old piano was a focal point in the house. Davie’s Mother, Barbara, played the piano, was a member of Garnock Valley Choir and later involved in music circles in South Ayrshire. Davie was inspired at an early age and the tunes of Caledonia lit a flame which burns to this day.

His real introduction was when recuperating after a serious road accident at the age of 13 when a friend of the family, the late Donald Johnstone, a wonderful spirited gentleman, handed in an old Spanish guitar with 2 strings on it…from there he never looked back and was encouraged by the family in all music possibilities. Very soon bands were formed when teaming up with local musicians and he was entertaining from an early age and various musical pursuits followed.


Davie Anderson