Fits o’ Giggles

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Released January 2004 | Format: CD | ref: CDSPAG1979
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A very upbeat collection of tunes, and an equally catchy song, yet a very tradition-based album. Ally’s accordion and Colin’s pipes and whistles blend with guesting fiddles, mandolin, keys, flute and guitars for familiar old tunes, ceilidh sets, marches, jigs and waltzes, all with a contemporary accent. Great for dancing or just listening.

One highlight of the album is an original vocal track written and performed by Sandra MacBeath. With Andy Thorburn, Marc Clement, Hugh MacCallum, Paul Nigel, Iain MacFadyen and Iain Anderson.



  1. Gordon’s Jigs 4.25
  2. 2/4’s 3.31
  3. Herring in Salt 4.00
  4. Fits O’ Giggles 2.26
  5. Slow Air 4.11
  6. Stathspeys & Reels 4.45
  7. Monster Jigs 3.45
  8. Going Home 3.12
  9. Maestro 4.33
  10. Gaelic Air & Waltz 4.01
  11. Hornpipes 3.53
  12. The Set 3.47