Beneath Stars and Moon

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The perfect soundtrack to gently lull wee ones off to sleep.

Practically guaranteed to put anyone to sleep, this album is designed to play as one long dreamy soundscape. It begins with bright tunes at the start of baby’s bedtime routine, and gradually becomes quiet and gentle. By the time you tiptoe from the nursery, your baby will be sound asleep. Warning: Also effective on adults!

The lullabies on this album are traditional, with the exception of Red Shiny Shoes, In a Green Wooded Glen, The Seamaws Lullaby, and the last verse of I See The Moon and Warmer Than The Sun, which were written by Gill Bowman.

The tunes Snoozy Zach, Titania and Celestial were composed by Siannie Moodie.

Musicians: Gill Bowman – vocals and guitar, Siannie Moodie – clarsach


  1. Through The Looking Glass 1:14
  2. Hush Little Baby 1:58
  3. Red Shiny Shoes 3:33
  4. Lady Lodian’s Lilt 0:52
  5. Warmer Than the Sun 3:26
  6. The Fairy Lullaby 4:21
  7. Snoozy Zach 2:16
  8. Dream Angus 3:10
  9. The Seamaws Lullaby 3:03
  10. Finn MacHuill (Finn is Cool) 0:59
  11. In A Green Wooded Glen 2:47
  12. Miss Annie Robertson of Dingwall 1:25
  13. Eriskay Love Lilt 2:31
  14. Bonny At Morn 2:05
  15. Celestial Lullaby 4:23
  16. Can Ye Sew Cushions? 1:52
  17. Tune For Sunny 3:12
  18. Golden Slumbers 1:54
  19. Titania’s Midsummer Lullaby 2:21
  20. I See the Moon 2:06
  21. A Gaelic Child’s Lullaby 3:03


The Red Album

Gill Bowman - The Red AlbumSong Circle, now in its eighth year, is a unique and independent singing group for babies and children aged 0-5 years old, hosted by Scottish singer/songwriter Gill Bowman in the backroom of the family café in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Skylark Café is a haven for young families and Song Circle a cornerstone of the day-to-day life of the business. – Find out more.

My Yellow Ukulele

Gill Bowman - My Yellow UkuleleThe song My Yellow Ukulele was specially written by Gill Bowman for the wee ones who attend song circle, a singing group for parents, babies and children under five in Edinburgh, Scotland. The other songs on the album are also song circle favourites and include some classic nursery rhymes, traditional Scottish lullabies, poems and folk songs. – Find out more.

Stories from the Hamper

Gill Bowman - Stories from the HamperGill’s stories have been inspired by the toys and characters she sings about in her regular Song Circle sessions. These sessions take place in the cosy back room of Skylark Café in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Babies and children under five sit in a circle with parents, nannies and grandparents and sing traditional nursery rhymes, Scottish sings and originals songs. – Find out more.